Top Dog Food Brands in India

Good dog food provides the nutrients your dog needs for a shiny coat, strong bones, and lots of energy

Why Dog Food Matters

Royal Canin is known for its breed-specific and life stage-specific formulas. They use high-quality ingredients to ensure balanced nutrition for different dogs.

Royal Canin

Pedigree is popular because it is affordable and available everywhere. Their products provide complete and balanced meals for all types of dogs.


Farmina N&D focuses on natural ingredients and grain-free options. Their formulas are designed to mimic a dog's ancestral diet, with high-quality proteins and low carbohydrates.

Farmina N&D

Orijen and Acana have high meat content and use fresh, regional ingredients. Both brands offer grain-free options and biologically appropriate diets.

Orijen & Acana

Other popular brands in India include Drools, Hill’s Science Diet, Arden Grange, Taste of the Wild, and Fidele. Each offers unique benefits, like hypoallergenic options or specific health formulas.

Other Notable Brands

The best dog food depends on your dog's individual needs. Consider their age, breed, and activity level. Always consult your veterinarian to find the perfect food.

Choosing the Right Dog Food

Choosing the right dog food is key to keeping your pet healthy and happy. Research different brands and consult your vet to make the best choice for your furry friend.