Study finds increased consumption of ready-to-eat foods increase risk of death by 10% – WZTV


A new study from researchers in France found a 10% increase in the consumption of ultraprocessed foods is associated with a 14% higher risk of death.

Published in the JAMA Journal of Internal Medicine, the study examined the eating habits of over 44,000 French adults 45-years-old or older.

Researchers examined the 24-hour dietary records for participants of the study which was launched in May 2009 and then conducted a follow-up in 2017.

Those who consumed more ultraprocessed foods by weight -classified as ready-to-eat foods usually high with additives- were found to have higher risk.

The study found ultraprocessed foods accounted for an average of 14.4% of the weight of total food consumed. After adjusting for other factors, researchers found the intake accounted for a 14% increase in risk of death.

Researchers say those who consumed increased ultraprocessed meals tended to have lower income, lower education, lived alone, had a higher body mass index, and lower physical activity level.

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