Shedeur Sanders hurt, Deion Sanders’ Colorado team clinches losing record

Discover the latest updates on Shedeur Sanders’ injury as Deion Sanders’ Colorado team clinches a losing record. Stay informed about the impact on the team’s performance and Shedeur Sanders’ recovery in this comprehensive report

Shedeur Sanders hurt

What commenced as a hopeful season for Deion Sanders at Colorado has transpired into a notable disappointment. Colorado’s seventh loss on Friday night not only cemented a losing record but also ruled out any chance of participating in a bowl game.

The defeat was particularly disheartening: Colorado and Washington State were tied for the bottom spot in the Pac-12 going into Friday night’s game. Nevertheless, Washington State dominated Colorado 56-14, leaving no room for doubt that Colorado is the weakest team in the conference.

“We’re falling short of what we’re capable of,” conveyed Sanders to ESPN. “That’s the aspect of this that’s challenging to accept. We have high expectations here, so this is exceedingly disappointing.”

Adding to the distress, Sanders’ son and starting quarterback, Shedeur Sanders, has faced a challenging season, being sacked 52 times, the highest among all quarterbacks in the country. The trend persisted on Friday night, with Shedeur eventually exiting the game due to what appeared to be a wrist injury.

“He had some numbness in his hand and couldn’t really grip the ball,” elucidated Deion Sanders. “But then that second hit, he just got rolled up on. We decided not to send him back out.”

Despite a promising start with three initial victories, Colorado has struggled since, managing only one win in the subsequent seven games. Sanders’ team concludes the season next week against No. 22 Utah.

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