Devastating Tornado Causes Severe Damage in Star Valley, Arizona

In a shocking turn of events, Star Valley, Arizona, experienced the destructive force of a tornado on Sunday. Multiple homes were left with severe damage, leaving the local community in disbelief. This blog post aims to provide an in-depth overview of the incident, highlighting the key details and emphasizing the impact of this natural disaster on the region.

Devastating Tornado Causes Severe Damage in Star Valley, Arizona
  1. The Tornado and its Strength:
    • The National Weather Service has confirmed that the tornado was classified as an EF-1, indicating estimated wind speeds peaking between 95 and 105 miles per hour.
    • The strength of the winds was evident by the destructive aftermath, as the tornado tossed two-by-fours through walls, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.
    • A brick wall was also knocked over, adding to the extensive damage caused by the tornado.
  2. Extent of Property Damage:
    • At least 10 homes in Star Valley were significantly damaged due to the powerful winds generated by the tornado.
    • The strong winds were responsible for structural damage, including roofs being torn off and walls collapsing.
    • Unfortunately, a dog lost its life in the tornado, highlighting the tragic consequences of this natural disaster.
  3. Impact on the Community:
    • While no human casualties were reported, the emotional toll on residents cannot be underestimated. Witnessing their homes torn apart and belongings destroyed has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the community.
    • The town officials, including Matt Highstreet, a member of the Star Valley town council, are working tirelessly to support and provide assistance to those affected by the tornado.
    • Immediate cleanup efforts have commenced, with the removal of fallen trees obstructing the streets being prioritized. This is crucial to ensure the safety and accessibility of the affected areas.
  4. ABC15’s Visit and Community Response:
    • In an effort to capture the full extent of the damage and gather firsthand accounts from residents, an ABC15 news crew is expected to visit Star Valley and engage with the community.
    • This visit will bring attention to the incident, helping raise awareness and potentially mobilizing further support from neighboring communities and organizations.


The devastating tornado in Star Valley, Arizona, has left a lasting impact on the community, resulting in severe damage to numerous homes and the loss of a beloved pet. The strength of the tornado’s winds was evident in the destruction caused, with walls collapsing and debris scattered throughout the area. As the community begins the process of recovery, the support and assistance provided by local officials and neighboring communities will play a vital role. Our thoughts go out to all those affected by this tragic event, and we hope for a swift and successful recovery for the town of Star Valley.

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