| SACA slams CSA board over failure to wrap up suspended Thabang Moroe case


  • SACA has slammed the CSA board over failure to finalise investigation into the suspension of CEO Thabang Moroe.
  • Moroe was suspended in December 2019 over alleged misconduct. 
  • SACA suggests that the Covid-19 has been used as a ‘convenient excuse’ for the delay from CSA.

The South African Cricketers’ Association (SACA) has lamented the failure of Cricket South Africa (CSA) to finalise the investigation into the allegations of misconduct against suspended CEO Thabang Moroe within the six-month time frame that was formerly promised by the CSA board of directors.

In December last year, Moroe was suspended on allegations of misconduct during a tumultuous period for the organisation.

Sport24 understands that he has been receiving a CSA salary since then. 

“During the course of Mr. Thabang Moroe’s precautionary suspension, a forensic audit of critical aspects of the business and the conduct of management related to such aspects shall be conducted by an independent forensic team. In this regard, we urge all our stakeholders including sponsors, members of staff, players, volunteers and cricket fans to allow this process to unfold and we will provide updates on this matter,” CSA said on December 6. 

Now, six months later, SACA wants answers. 

“It has been reported in the media that CSA is ‘nowhere near’ finalising the matter, and this defies belief,” commented CEO Andrew Breetzke in a SACA release on Monday.

“It appears as if the COVID-19 pandemic is being used as a convenient excuse for the delay, in spite of the fact that CSA is operationally fully functional at the moment.  

“There appears to be a distinct lack of will at board level to deal with this matter, despite the dire need for finality on this material issue for all stakeholders in cricket.  

“It is interesting to note that there were no such delays in dealing with the numerous other CSA disciplinary matters.

“CSA will point to the forensic audit that has not yet been completed, despite the fact that the crises that have enveloped CSA over the past 18 months are evidence of a prima facie case against Moroe. 

“It is hard to imagine another professional environment where such vacillation on a matter of such importance would be tolerated by a board of directors.”

SACA President Omphile Ramela added: “CSA desperately needs to regain the confidence of the players, public, broadcasters and sponsors, particularly with respect to matters of governance – its failure to bring this matter to a conclusion undermines its efforts in this regard.”

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