| CSA board insists CEO Thabang Moroe remains suspended


The Cricket South Africa (CSA) board has issued a statement confirming that Thabang Moroe remains suspended as the organisation’s CEO.

It is the latest development in what is becoming an increasingly messy situation for CSA and its president, Chris Nenzani. 

Moroe was suspended in early December 2019 on allegations of misconduct and he has spent the last six months receiving a full salary from CSA. 

At the time of the suspension, the board through Nenzani said they would ideally want the matter finalised within six months, but that hasn’t happened. 

On Wednesday, the situation was further complicated when Moroe arrived for work at CSA’s Johannesburg headquarters. 

Speaking to Sport24, Moroe’s lawyer Michael Motsoeneng Bill said that it was a case of business as usual for Moroe and that he would be resuming his duties. 

“The suspension has run its course. In relation to the suspension, we are happy that we’re back to work. The six months has lapsed,” he said. 

According to a statement that came just after midnight in the early hours of Friday morning, though, CSA are standing firm and remain committed to concluding their investigations into Moroe before any decisions on his future are taken.  

The new deadline, according to the statement, will be to have further clarity by the end of this month. 

“The board of Cricket South Africa (CSA) met
last night to deliberate on the events which unfolded at the head office of CSA
today when the suspended chief executive officer, Mr. Thabang Moroe, purported
to report for duty,” the statement read.  

“The board wishes to clarify that the chief executive officer was suspended in December 2019 pending the outcome of an
independent forensic investigation into management practices at Cricket South
Africa. The letter of suspension issued to the chief executive officer
explicitly stated that he was suspended until the conclusion of the independent
forensic investigation. This investigation is not yet complete and therefore the chief executive officer remains suspended and any assertion that his suspension
was for a predetermined period is without basis. 

“The forensic investigators have indicated that
their report is imminent. 

“Once the board receives the report, the board
will study the report and if disciplinary action against the chief executive officer (or anyone else) is required to be taken, the board will move swiftly
to institute such disciplinary action so that the matter will be resolved as
soon as possible.

“This remains a matter of utmost concern to the board. The board wishes to assure all stakeholders and the public that this matter is receiving all the attention it deserves. However, the board is also at pains to ensure that due process is followed at all times. 

“The board is confident that the investigation is coming to a head and there will be more clarity and certainty provided before the end of June.”

– Compiled by Lloyd Burnard

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