New iPhones to stick with Lightning over USB-C, claims report – The Verge


Apple’s 2019 iPhone models will be equipped with a Lightning connector rather than a USB-C port, according to a report from Macotakara (via 9to5Mac). Previous reports had claimed that Apple was testing “some versions” of this year’s phone with a USB-C connector. Last year, Macotakara, which has connections to both the Asian supply chain and Asian accessory manufacturers, successfully predicted that the 2018 iPad Pro would drop Lightning in favor of USB-C.

Macotakara’s report also claims that this year’s phones will once again include Apple’s standard 5W USB-A charger in the box with each phone. If true, it means that once again you’ll need to buy a separate USB-C to Lightning cable and a power brick that supports USB-C Power Delivery if you want to be able to fast-charge your $1,000 iPhone.

Apple’s decision to stick with Lightning over USB-C wouldn’t be surprising. Yes, the iPad Pro made the switch, but now that Apple is positioning it as a laptop-replacement it needs to be made compatible with a variety of hubs and accessories that are meant for USB-C laptops. Meanwhile, the iPhone has no such ambitions, meaning it’s adequately served by its existing ecosystem of Lightning connector accessories.

However, the decision to stick with the 5W USB-A power brick is more frustrating. Apple has offered fast-charging in its phones since 2017’s iPhone 8, but has never included the hardware needed for it in the box, even as its devices have crept beyond the $1,000 mark. That decision made sense when USB-A still reigned supreme, but in an era where every MacBook model has now made the jump to USB-C it’s a practice that’s increasingly outdated.

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