Graham Blanks Triumphs: Recap of the 2023 NCAA Cross Country Championship

In a spectacular showcase of athletic prowess, Harvard’s Graham Blanks emerged victorious at the 2023 NCAA Division I Cross Country Championship men’s race held on November 18 at Panorama Farms in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Graham Blanks Wins Title

Blanks’ Impressive Victory

Clocking in at an impressive 28 minutes and 37.7 seconds, Blanks secured the title, surpassing the competition, including the runner-up, freshman Habtom Samuel from New Mexico, by a margin of three seconds.

This triumph follows Blanks’ recent victory at the NCAA Northeast Regional, showcasing his consistent excellence in the sport. Notably, Blanks, who placed sixth in the 2022 meet, etched his name in history as the first Ivy League runner to claim the Men’s Cross Country Championship.

Team Glory for Oklahoma State

While Blanks claimed individual glory, the team championship went to Oklahoma State, narrowly beating out Northern Arizona in a thrilling competition.

Full Results of the Men’s Race

Here is the complete rundown of the top finishers in the championship men’s race:

  1. Graham Blanks – Harvard – 28:37.7
  2. Habtom Samuel – New Mexico – 28:40.7
  3. Ky Robinson – Stanford – 28:55.7
  4. Denis Kipngetich – Oklahoma State – 28:59.7
  5. Drew Bosley – Northern Arizona – 29:03.8
  6. Nico Young – Northern Arizona – 29:04.2
  7. Patrick Kiprop – Arkansas – 29:07.7
  8. Brian Musau – Oklahoma State – 29:11.0
  9. Parker Wolfe – North Carolina – 29:12.6
  10. Fouad Messaoudi – Oklahoma State – 29:13.3
    (See the full list in the provided link.)

Team Standings

The team results for the NCAA Cross Country Championship 2023 are as follows:

  1. Oklahoma State – 49
  2. Northern Arizona – 71
  3. BYU – 196
  4. Arkansas – 211
  5. Iowa State – 230
  6. North Carolina – 249
  7. Texas – 262
  8. Stanford – 291
  9. Syracuse – 299
  10. Wisconsin – 330
    (Continued list provided.)

In conclusion, the 2023 NCAA Cross Country Championship showcased outstanding performances, with Graham Blanks leading the way in individual excellence and Oklahoma State emerging as the triumphant team. The event proved to be a testament to the enduring spirit of collegiate cross-country competition.

Panorama Farms Cross Country Course For Men’s 2023 NCAA XC Championships

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