Arizona State Retirement System Increases Stake in Microsoft According to SEC Filing

In a recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, it was revealed that the Arizona State Retirement System has increased its stake in Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT). This move showcases the confidence that institutional investors have in the software giant. Let’s delve deeper into this development and understand its implications.


Understanding the Investment:

According to the 13F filing, the Arizona State Retirement System acquired an additional 87,770 shares of Microsoft during the second quarter, bringing its total holdings to 2,021,390 shares. This increase in stake corresponds to a growth of 4.5% for the retirement system. Microsoft now represents approximately 5.6% of the Arizona State Retirement System’s investment portfolio, making it the second-largest position held by the fund.

Investor Confidence:

The decision by the Arizona State Retirement System to increase its investment in Microsoft speaks volumes about the confidence that institutional investors have in the company’s future prospects. Such funds, which manage large pools of money on behalf of investors, conduct thorough research and analysis before making investment decisions. The fact that Microsoft comprises a significant portion of the retirement system’s portfolio indicates a positive outlook for the company’s performance.

Analyst Reports:

Several Wall Street analysts have also weighed in on Microsoft’s prospects. Citigroup, for instance, raised its price target on Microsoft shares to $432 and maintained a “buy” rating. BMO Capital Markets, Piper Sandler, and Wedbush also boosted their price targets and issued optimistic ratings for the company. Overall, Microsoft has received a consensus rating of “Moderate Buy” from analysts, with an average price target of $385.11.

Institutional Investors’ Interest:

The Arizona State Retirement System is not the only institutional investor interested in Microsoft. Monumental Financial Group Inc., Syverson Strege & Co, MayTech Global Investments LLC, Beutel Goodman & Co Ltd., and Alapocas Investment Partners Inc. are all among the prominent funds that have recently bought shares of Microsoft. These collective investments by various institutions further highlight the market’s confidence in the company.

Microsoft’s Performance:

Microsoft reported strong earnings results for the last quarter, with earnings per share of $2.99, surpassing analysts’ estimates of $2.65. The company’s net margin stood at 35.31%, and it reported a return on equity of 38.79%. Microsoft’s quarterly revenue also exceeded expectations, reaching $56.52 billion, a 12.8% increase compared to the same period last year.

Dividend Increase:

In addition to the positive news regarding institutional investments, Microsoft recently announced an increase in its quarterly dividend. The dividend payout will be $0.75 per share, representing a significant hike from the previous dividend of $0.68 per share. This change indicates the company’s commitment to returning value to its shareholders.


The increase in stake by the Arizona State Retirement System, along with the positive outlook from Wall Street analysts and strong financial performance, demonstrate the confidence and trust placed in Microsoft by institutional investors. As the company continues to innovate and expand its presence in the technology industry, it remains an attractive investment option for those seeking long-term growth opportunities.

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