Microsoft is on the verge of announcing a new Xbox — here are 5 crucial components it needs to compete with Sony's huge lead – Business Insider

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite“Halo Infinite” is the next major “Halo” game from Microsoft. It’s expected to arrive on the next Xbox as well as the Xbox One.343 Industries/Microsoft

  • Rumors point to Microsoft detailing the next Xbox later this year, potentially during the annual E3 trade show in June.
  • Microsoft started talking about its next line of consoles in June 2018, and it looks like the next Xbox may launch before the next PlayStation.
  • These are the key factors that could determine Microsoft’s success with the next console.

Get ready to say goodbye to the Xbox One — Microsoft is on the verge of a new generation of video game consoles. 

The big rumor going around is that Microsoft plans to detail the next Xbox consoles at this year’s big video game trade show, E3 2019, in June. That could be an opportunity to get out ahead of Sony, whose PlayStation 4 dominated the last five years.

So, what does Microsoft have to do to get the Xbox back on top? Here are a few key places to start:

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