Here’s a Kevin Durant adjustment the Warriors can make to help combat James Harden and P.J. Tucker – The Athletic


Eric Gordon is an underrated secondary piece. Austin Rivers has had a good series. Chris Paul hasn’t. Clint Capela’s minutes are dwindling. Iman Shumpert’s, shockingly, are rising.

All these rotation Rockets matter to varying degrees. But, as the Warriors regroup in Oakland and reconfigure their strategy — for fear that, yes, if they don’t, this could conceivably be remembered as the final fading days of this legendary dynasty — two dudes matter most: James Harden and P.J. Tucker. They have wrestled away control of this series.

Everything revolves around Harden, but let’s start with Tucker. He’s the physical tone-setter. Want an example? Rewatch the first 12 seconds of Game 4 on Monday.

The Warriors won the tip. They meandered into their opening set, regular-season speed. The design called for Kevin Durant to catch it on the right wing, near the 3-point line.

If this was January, most defenders (even…

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