Google Maps is about to get one of Waze’s best features – BGR

Google Maps is about to get one of Waze’s best features - BGR

Google Maps may be Google’s most popular navigation app out there, but the company has a second similar app that’s even better for some people, especially frequent drivers. That’s Waze, an app that Google purchased a few years ago, which does navigation a little differently than Google Maps and other rivals. Waze packs crowd-sourced incident reports that’ll tell drivers about the state of the road ahead. Whether it’s accidents, heavy traffic, or police, the app will notify you while you’re driving to your destination, and even suggest better routes based on this information. Google, we’ve heard a few times already, is working on bringing incidents reports to Google Maps. And one Waze’s best features may be already available to some Google Maps users.

Not only will Google Maps display speed limits on the navigation screen, per Android Police, as it’s the case for Waze and other navigation apps, but it’ll also show speed traps.

The following screenshots show the new speed limit icon appearing in the lower left corner of the navigation screen:

Image Source: Android Police

Waze users are already familiar with speed trap reports, so they’ll know what to expect on Google Maps. The same Android Policereports that speed trap icons have already been spotted inside Google Maps, right alongside voice warnings.

Image Source: Android Police

As you can see in the screenshot above, speed cameras are identified on the screen, and an audio notification will remind drivers of their existence while they’re on the road.

There’s no telling when the feature will roll out to all Google Maps users. For the time being, it’s only available in specific locations in the US. While you wait for it to arrive, you can always get the Waze app from App Store or Google Play.

Image Source: AP/REX/Shutterstock

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