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Zion Williamson didn’t miss a beat in his return to Duke. In the ACC Tournament against Syracuse, Williamson dropped 29 points and hauled in 14 more rebounds en route to an 84-72 win. Not lost amid the buzz around Zion is the fact that Duke looks like a favorite again with its best player back in the fold.


Williamson, as we all know by now, wore Paul George’s signature shoes by Nike when they blew out against North Carolina at the very beginning of the game, injuring his knee. On Thursday, he went back to a tested favorite: The old Kyrie 4s.

So, the numbers are good, but how did Williamson look?

He looks pretty OK.

The shoes Williamson wore were custom, with the Duke logo on the back.



After the game, the first question in the postgame press conference was, of course, about his shoes.

 “The shoes were incredible this game,” Williamson quipped.

Williamson was also asked about any specific modifications to the shoes.

“I couldn’t really specifically tell you if I wanted to,” Williamson said. “I just know they’re a little stronger than the regular Kyrie 4’s, so I want to thank Nike for making these, but, yeah, they felt very comfortable.” 

The fact is, when you play with the tenacity that Williamson does, freak accidents might happen. It’s good to see him back for tournament play — he’s the most exciting player in college basketball, and fans are interested to see what happens with him throughout the rest of March. They’ll also want to know about his shoes.

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